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Voice Of Kunike
Mustafa Kakpa, manager of Voice of Kunike 89.4 FM in Makali, Sierra Leone.


Voice Of Kunike 89.4 FM

Makali, Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone

Voice of Kunike 89.4 FM - Makali – located in a forested region in central Sierra Leone, Voice of Kunike provides local, Temne-language broadcasts to farming and mining communities. Recalling the trauma of the Ebola crisis, Mustafa Kakpa, station manager, notes that “People were confused and afraid.”When their transmitter broke down during the height of the crisis, “people were saying, ‘we are not getting you! We are depending you for information!” With the new transmitter in place, “we were getting the voices of doctors, stakeholders to all eleven chiefdoms in our district. About 80 percent of our program was about Ebola.”