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Independent Radio Network
Broadcasting from IRN studios in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Independent Radio Network (IRN)

Freetown, Sierra Leone

IRN is a radio network composed of 24 community and private radio stations from Sierra Leone’s 14 districts. It broadcasts trustworthy, impartial news and issue-based programming on political events and contemporary issues across the nation. With a huge popular following in local communities IRN has a reputation as one of Sierra Leone's most trusted media sources. IRN motivates men, women, and youth to become informed citizens and active participants in peaceful democratic processes and the development of the country.

IRN has established an organizational agenda to professionalize the media sector. It plays a key role in defending a free press and protecting its journalists and stations from political intimidation. IRN also strengthens the capacity of managers, journalists and staff personnel from community radio stations. Members commit themselves to an established code of conduct that raises the entire sector’s standards for ethical reporting. Over time, these efforts have strengthened solidarity among partnering stations and enhanced the radio landscape’s peacebuilding capabilities.

FWA contributed $15,000 for IRN’s transmitter, which enables its signal to reach almost every corner of Sierra Leone. FWA also supports many of IRN’s member stations. Visit for more information.