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Photo Gallery

  • gallery_3_women
    Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_robertsport
    Children in Robertsport, Liberia.
  • gallery_7_Kids
    Children in Damballa village, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_freetown
    Freetown, Sierra Leone – Search for Common Ground staff editing a radio program. SFCG’s Talking Drum Studio produces current affairs, dramas and other programs aimed at building peace and social cohesion.
  • gallery_coffee_harvest
    In Kpandebu village, Sierra Leone, farmer al Haji Jusu with bags of coffee beans ready for transport to market.
  • gallery_army_tank
    Segbwema, Sierra Leone was the scene of intense combat and heavy damage during Sierra Leone’s 1991-2001 conflict. Here, an idle army tank is being used to dry clothes.
  • gallery_bucket
    A woman in Bo, Sierra Leone carries a load of laundry and bananas.
  • gallery_carrrying_wine
    A man near Bo, Sierra Leone totes his daily harvest of palm wine, which is tapped from palm trees and sold at road side bars.
  • gallery_firewood
    On the Makeni highway, Sierra Leone, a man and woman cart firewood to market.
  • gallery_cellphone
    Cell phone service is now available in most of the major towns in Sierra Leone. This enables better communication among families and business owners, and radio stations to conduct listener call-in programs on local issues.
  • gallery_a
    A family prepares an evening meal outside the remains of a home in Kailahun, Sierra Leone. The town suffered severe upheaval and damage during the 1991-2001 conflict.
  • gallery_b
    The community of Kandor, Sierra Leone celebrates the opening of a new school funded by Schools for Salone and FWA.
  • gallery_c
    Edna and Hawa Bockarie, daughter and mother, in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_d
    Family in Kabala, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_e
    Mother and child draw water from a well in Damballa, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_f
    Father and son in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_g
    Firewood, used as a heat source for cooking daily meals, is sold on roadsides throughout West Afirca.
  • gallery_h
    Fishermen repair their nets at Sierra Leone’s ‘River Two’.
  • gallery_fishing
    Fishing the Moa River, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_gbessay
    Gbessay M’Bayo during her first, post-war visit to her former home in Kailahun, Sierra Leone. Kailahun town saw intense combat and atrocities during the country’s 1991-2001 conflict.
  • gallery_i
    In Damballa village, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_j
    Hair styling in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_k
    Hassan Koroma, station manager of Radio Gbafth in the town of Mile 91, Sierra Leone. “Gbafth” means “openness” in Temne, the local language.
  • gallery_jahmie
    Jahmi M’Bayo in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_cotton
    Jenneh Lananseh spins cotton into thread in Bo, Sierra Leone. She sells thread to a local blanket weaver to earn extra income for food, clothing and her grandchildren’s school fees.
  • gallery_kab_kids
    Kabala, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_market
    Women selling vegetables in the market, Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_z
    Billboards encourage voter participation in Liberia’s elections, November, 2005.
  • gallery_elections
    Election Day in Liberia, November, 2005.
  • gallery_mantaneh
    Mantaneh Kamara and child in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_l
    Market woman in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_m
    A grandmother (seated) with her daughter and granddaughter in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_n
    From the Makeni / Kabala highway, northern Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_moyamba
    Children selling food and soda at Moyamba Junction, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_o
    Bustling market in Moyamba Junction, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_p
    Serrekunda market, The Gambia.
  • gallery_q
    A woman sits outside of the family kitchen in Kabala, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_gas
    A gas station in Kailahun, Sierra Leone. In 2007 gasoline prices reached $6 per gallon. A cellular tower is in the background.
  • gallery_pugeot
    A car full of people and goods travels on the Kabala highway in Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_rice
    In Kailahun, Sierra Leone, women clean separate rice from husk.
  • gallery_roadsigns
    In front of war-damaged building in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, signs encourage townspeople to prevent violence against women and get confidential HIV/AIDS testing.
  • gallery_jeep
    On the road in Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_r
    Rubber plantation near the Liberia / Sierra Leone border. Liberia’s rubber plantations were a major source of rubber for the U.S. and its allies during World War Two. Soldiers from both countries served in Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • gallery_s
    Kabala, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_saffiatu
    Saffiatu Bah, back home in Kabala, Sierra Leone, after being flown to Israel for an emergency heart procedure. Nurses at the NarSarah Clinic in Kabala cared for Saffiatu while Rhode Island families mobilized resources to pay for transport and medical care in Tel Aviv.
  • gallery_t
    Foday Sajuma, station manager of Radio Moa in Kailahun.
  • gallery_u
    Community leaders in Sinje, Liberia.
  • gallery_smiling
    Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_v
    On the Gambian coast, a woman turns fish in a smoke house operated by a cooperative. From here, the fish will be taken to market for sale.
  • gallery_sneaker
    Sneakers for sale in Makeni, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_w
    Washing clothes in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_x
    Election Day, November 8, 2005 in Gbarnga, Liberia. Officials count ballots by lantern light.
  • gallery_mama_topher
    FWA’s Topher Hamblett and Mama Katumu Kamara reunite in Kpandebu, Sierra Leone, where Topher lived and worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer during the 1980s. Katumu fled Kpandebu during Sierra Leone’s conflict, and survived in refugee camps in neighboring Guinea.
  • gallery_y
    Students in Bo, Sierra Leone.
  • gallery_tailor
    Tailor in Damballa village, Sierra Leone.